Frederic Chopin Polish School
Allamuchy Township, Warren County, New Jersey
Po polsku Home Welcome to our school! We teach children of age 3 to 14 ( grades PRE3 through K to 8).
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Who is Chopin?
Why Learn Polish?
... because it is your future!

  • ... because research shows that people who learn second language become brighter than their peers.
  • ... because you want to communicate with your grandparents, cousins and meet other family members or friends.
  • ... because knowledge of second language helps you get to a better college.
  • ... because you want to learn more about your origin.
  • ... because you want to experience rich culture and tradition.
  • ... because millions of people speak polish* and you will be able to approach them. (*There is about 40 million people in Poland, plus a half of this number abroad, out of which 10 million live in America. In fact, it is estimated that every fifth citizen of the State of New Jersey has polish roots, although many don't speak polish anymore).
  • ... because America and Poland have always been close friends**, so should you. (**It's a real friendship: Pulaski and Kosciuszko fought for the independence of the United States, today brave polish soldiers risk their lives for America in Iraq.)
  • ... because Poland became a significant member of the European Union, has enormous growth potential and you want to be able to participate in these opportunities too.
  • ... because you want to become a better person.
  • ... because you have your very own reason- share it with us!
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    Mountain Villa School
    1686 Route 517
    Allamuchy, NJ

    Ideal location!
    At exit 19 on route 80.
    (see directions)
    We have team of highly qualified teachers.

    Our staff has great experience with children and graduated from the best universities in Poland.
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